Kebab Factory @ GRT Radisson

4 Sep

As the name suggests has Kebabs and mainly kebabs. Surprisingly, even vegetarians have good choices of kebabs here.

6 Rounds of kebabs are served as “Starters” and of course you can repeat any of the kebabs as many times as you want.  Remember this is only a starter.

As Kebabs are served, you are told what is it made of and with which chutney you have to eat the Kebab.
Main course has naan / roti and small portion of rice.  Badam milk is served as drink in the start and later on a thick butter milk.

In the end, you are served a set of 6 desserts – in small cups “to taste“.  After tasting you can choose which one you want to eat more and ask for the same.  Challenge here would be to go for one full serving of a single dessert, after you have tasted all the samples 🙂

Go with a good appetite to enjoy the kebabs thoroughly.
Reserver your seats in advance. On weekends, it can be terribly crowded.
It is a Kebab buffet which gets served on the table (rather than you choosing it!).
For a Vegetarian Kebab, you would roughly pay around Rs. 750/- per person.

Enjoy “Kebabinge” 🙂

Food: 8/10
Ambience : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Pocket Friendly : Higher End, but ok to pay once in a while for the kebabs!
Suitable for :  Group dining, family dining, business dining.
Reservation Required? :  Preferred, esp. on weekends.  Reserve latest by Thursday.
Will I go there again?  :  Yes!

Additional Details:
FB Profile:
531 GST Road, Saint Thomas Mount,
Chennai 600016, India
Reservations: India Toll-free +1800-1800-333
Hotel Reservation Hot Line: +91 9789810101
Telephone: + 91 44 2231 0101 Fax: + 91 44 2231 0202


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