Coffee – It is!

28 Aug

My first post should have been on Coffee – one of my all time favourite drink 🙂  Variants of coffee do exist and my order of preference goes like this — Filter Kaapi (typical south indian Tambrahm coffee),  Black Coffee, Cappucino, Latte et al.

Never understood all those syrups & flavours in coffee which big chains like Star Bucks and others prepare — A coffee has to be coffee (& bitter) isn’t it?!  Where is the need for flavours here and that too sweet ones?!  Huh…!

I was introduced to black coffee in my second home – Deutschland and loved to drink it after every meal (just like the Germans!)

And Italians being known for coffee – it is natural that one of my favourite brands of Coffee is an Italian one – “Segafredo Zanetti”

A sip of Segafredo Coffee with a bite of Segafredo Napolitain Chocolates (Dark bitter ones)— is yet another bliss! 

Another brand of black coffee that I prefer and which is also available in my area would be Lavazza – Creama e Gusto


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