Madras Coffee House

15 Dec

It isn’t often you come across anything “Madras” anymore.  


Name “Madras” attracted me first! It would have been apt had it been named “Madras Kaapi House” (True to typical Madras)…still no hard feelings there 🙂

Located in one corner of Bazullah road, in T Nagar – this sure grabbed the attention of passers by.  Passing through it day in & day out, never managed to stop by until one of those weekend work at office with no regular coffee supply, pulled me to get the taste of coffee at this place!  

Being a coffee lover and an ardent coffee drinker (not just Kaapi) thought to myself – this place better be good to impress me! 

I was for sure impressed with the Coffee here that these days after lunch, my taste buds starts to crave for it! 🙂  

Coffee can be had in typical Madras Fantasy – Dabara Tumbler or in Paper Cups.  And this is no “Instant” or “Machine” Coffee being served.  It is pure Filter coffee!

Note:  Paper cups aren’t too thick like CCD or Barista ones and with Coffee being too hot, watch out when you hold it!  


As an add-on you can buy Small samosas or cookies.

Each coffee costs Rs. 15/- (as of today) and Rs. 10/- for 3 cookies.  Samosa costs Rs. 5/- each.  Samosa though shaped like Irani Samosa in a slightly bigger size, yet doesn’t match in quality 😦

Place also serves tea and other items like Sandwiches – do check out their menu, if you want to grab a bite but no seating place!

With no other quick eatery or coffee place in the near by, this place attracts many from air-conditioned corporate workers to representatives on bikes to passers by!

After tasting coffee in places like GSS, HSB, which is more costly, this place does win over.

Check out their website too :


One Response to “Madras Coffee House”

  1. Nidhi December 19, 2012 at 5:58 pm #

    Agree 100% – GSS coffee is NOTHING like MCH and costs almost twice.. MCH is a very very welcome change on Bazullah road! 🙂

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