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Friday Kitchen Session – Jan 18, 2013 – Badam Kheer

18 Jan

Sweet trend in our Friday Kitchen continues and this day was the turn of another young bachelor.  He chose to go with simple dish – Badam Kheer – I say simple because it was done with MTR Badam Kheer mix! 🙂  Of course, our Chef Yamini was bang on to support this young bachelor too 🙂


Friday Kitchen Session – Jan 11, 2012 – Semiya Payasam (Semolina Kheer)

18 Jan

Our kitchen this friday saw yet another sweet dish – Semiya Payasam.

Twist to this was that it was our first attempt at “Aachi Payasam Mix” and yes it was nice 🙂  I personally felt it a tad bit too sweet…but that’s ok 🙂

As always, supported (read as prepared) by Yamini & done by Megala 😉


Friday Kitchen Session – Dec 28, 2012 – Varieties of Bajji

12 Jan

Now comes another turn of the men and this time the bachelor decided to go on his own.   Of course, for each session, we do have a senior member of the team, Yamini, helping all the youngsters 🙂

This week saw a huge plate of varieties of Bajjis – Onion, Potato, Raw Banana, Bread, Chilli (Molaga).

Here are the pictures to do the talking 🙂










Friday Kitchen Session – Dec 21, 2012 – Soups & Idiyappam

12 Jan

Our next Friday Kitchen Session – was from the ladies – taking charge.  We had two course meal, I should say.

Ladies made two varieties of soups – Sweet Corn & Vegetable soup – each garnished with Corn Flakes mixture to give the crunchy bite 🙂

Then followed –  plate of Idiyappam (using instant one, of course) with grated coconuts & sugar.

Huh…was really filling and yummy!  Sadly, in the mood of getting things done & hurrying to eat, we forgot to click pictures 😦



Friday Kitchen Session – Dec 14, 2012 – Bhel Puri

12 Jan

Our first Friday Kitchen Session started off with two bachelors volunteering to kick start the session.

Their choice of item was a simple yet tasty snack – Bhel Puri.  I shall let the pictures below do the talking on how it came 🙂

Ingredients – Ready  




                                                                                                                       Final Output


Note:  Pictures aren’t great but the session & food was great 🙂

Blog Extends – Friday Kitchen Session

12 Jan

Yet another extension to my food blog to include “Friday Kitchen Sessions” that happen at work.

Though initially I wanted this to be part of work page, yet decided that it is better to have it in food page.   So yes, watch out for our Friday Kitchen Session posts 🙂

Friday afternoons are always a bit slowing down in terms of work with weekend mood setting in.  So we decided to do some interesting things together as team other than our regular work.  Very clear that it cannot be anything related to work.

Thus came the idea of “Friday Kitchen Sessions” – where one or more members in the team join together and cook some snacks for everyone in our little pantry.  Idea is men & ladies take turns alternate weeks and cook some simple snack for all.

So read more on what happens at our kitchen every Friday 🙂

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