Dario’s Restaurant

3 Feb

Time to blog yet another CFG Showcase @ Dario’s Restaurant, Chennai.  In this blog am using pictures clicked by Fotographer Raghu

An Italian restaurant that serves only Vegetarian & Eggless dishes is the USP of this place.  I was impressed with the first thing that I saw the “Outdoor Seating” that this restaurant had.  Now, Chennai & Outdoor eating don’t go well…but this was an “Enclosed outdoor seating”.   It is more of Sicilian Cuisine than just saying Italian!  What’s the difference?  Find out …for I don’t know 😉

It was spacious and had a special roofing to keep cool during Chennai Summers.  This area also housed open kitchen for Pizzas.

After initial greetings & introductions, we seated ourselves and found a printout that had the menu that we were going to be tasting.  This was a sweet surprise, I should say…because usually, we note down the names and the names of the items we relish in comes to us later to put up on the blog.  Ok that was a carefully planned step. 🙂

We had – Starters, Salads, Pizzas, Pastas & Desserts on the menu to be served.   I shall write the names of the items here and for the contents in each of the items, do refer to the menu on their website here


Starters:  Funghi Darios, Polpette Di Spinaci E Formaggio, Antipasto Siciliano, Assorted Bruschetta

I found Funghi Darios exhibiting strong garlic taste.

Spinaci E Formaggio – was good – esp. the Spinach cheese dip!  These are spinach & fresh cheese balls served with the dip.


In Sicilian platter, do check out Olives with chillies.  Olives were fresh & spicy 🙂  We were served “Gorgonzola Cheese” — a variety that I certainly dislike — but this one was damn good!  Wish the platter had only that cheese 😉 Not sure if they serve the same cheese every time…may be they variate it.

Assorted Bruschetta : Among these, my favourite was the one with Goat Cheese (the cheese was so damn creamy!) but the rest weren’t as impressive personally for me. I must say the Bruschetta bread was rightly crispy.


Salad: Aranciazola, Verdure Grigalate

Both salads were good.  Try Verdure Grigalate with some cheese crumbs (not part of the dish but ask for it!)  Tasted yummy!



Pizza: Carduni, Stromboli

Of the pizzas, liked Stromboli with right amount of Mozarella, spinach & red chillies.  Yes you can add more chilly flakes if you wish to 🙂

Pizzas were rightly crispy and with right amount of cheese.  Possibly with a little more cheese, they would have drooped down in weight 😉  Each pizza has approximately 180 gms of cheese, we were told.



Risotto & Pasta:  

Risottoragli Asparagi  : One of my favourite dishes of the lot.  A bit bland but tasted great – a perfecto combo of Aspharagus with Cream & Cheese!


Risotto Siciliana – Being a dish with tomato sauce & aubergines, it did taste tangy.  Not my personal preference.

Risotto Al Funghi Porchini, Ravioli Kamarina, Fussili Vitale,  Tortellini Formaggi & Funghi

_MG_0137 _MG_0146 _MG_0150








Crespelle Ai Funghi – Pasta with Cheese filled and dipped in White sauce – a dish that will easily fill you.  So watch out while ordering 🙂

Desserts: Tiramisu, Panacotta, Erupting Chocolate Cake, Lemon Cheese Cake

Tiramisu – just lacked something…may be because it was eggless!


Lemon Cheese cake was nice.


Wish the erupting chocolate cake had that warm effect to go with cold ice cream 🙂



Overall, this was an exciting showcase with all dishes Veg and everyone could try each of them 🙂  A meal for two would cost approximately Rs. 1, 200/- here.   Menu link given above indicates the prices too.

I should mention the Moroccon Mint Tea that we had – was too good and made me feel light & also served as palette cleanser too 🙂 and one of us tried the cranberry tea (see pic below).  I am not a fan of flavoured tea and only exception now was the moroccon mint tea.




Food:  7/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: Nothing to write here as it was a showcase
Pocket Friendly : On the higher end.
Suitable for :  Family Lunch / Dinner
Reservation Required? : No Info !
Will I go there again? : Just the price makes me hesitate but once in a while is ok! 🙂

Additional Details:
Website: http://www.darios.in
FB Profile:
Address: No: 11, Kasturi Rangan Road,
2nd Street, Teynampet,
Chennai- 600018
Phone:     044-4919 3333
Landmark: Near Russian Cultural Centre / Next to Ashwini Hospital


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  1. Deepa Iyer February 5, 2013 at 10:59 am #

    Nice Jens! 😀 And spot on about that asparagus risotto and tiramisu 😀

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