Khansama – The Royal Indian Master Chef

10 Feb


I am back with yet another blog post.  This time it was “Khansama – The Royal Indian Master Chef” restaurant as part of CFG Showcase.

Here again, I am using the Photographs clicked by “Fotographer Raghu as part of the showcase.  We were served a Set menu as part of the showcase and we tried to stick to it barring a few additions.

We were there a bit too early before even the restaurant opened.  After some minutes, we were seated inside and waited for other CFG members to join.

While waiting for others, hunger pangs led me to taste the “Pappaya Pickle” on the table and chutneys.  Though called as “Pickle” it tasted sweet!!!


Starters:  Soon “Makkai ka Shorba” (Corn Shorba) was served.  No it is NOT a soup!  It IS Shorba.  That’s what people told us.  Honestly, I have no clue what the difference is between them.  Google search tells me it is same just different languages!  If there is a difference & you know it, do post a comment to this post on the same 🙂

Barring all that, it tasted good.  True it tasted a bit bland yet good!


Next we were served “Chhene se bhare Kumbh” – Mushroom Kebab stuffed with cheese & malai.  Tasted ok.  Not a fan of mushroom, so nothing much I can say here.

Then came “Bhatti Paneer” – Paneer kebab with Chat masala.  Paneer texture was quite soft and good.  Only flip side of this dish was that Chat masala was overpowering the taste.  May be one of those days they sprinkled slightly more!! 😉

Last of the Vegetarian starter was “Paneer hare mattar ka tikka” – Another paneer dish with peas paste spread in between.  This had a bit of mustard taste – not sure if there was mustard sauce used in the paste or was it the peas.  With Chutney, tasted good.

_MG_0478-1 _MG_0477-1 _MG_0485-1

Main course started with Butter Naan & Roti – both were done nicely and was not the type where you have to pull too much as it cooled down!

Accompaniments for Naan / Roti was:  Dal Kalbeliya [(a) Dal Makhani].  This dish was super!  Very nicely cooked and tasted yummmmm

Another one was Pachcha paneer – kind of paneer dumpling in a green gravy dish!  Tasted good.  Had a tinge of sweetness though.









Our next main course dish was “Shahi subz Biryani” and yes it was also good 🙂  Tasted good with Raitha & Dal Makhani (oops…Dal Kalbeliya)









Our Desserts section – had 2 sweets served – Chikki Kulfi & Anjeer Halwa.  Chikki Kulfi, the name was very tempting for me, that I decided to try it even if it was not part of showcase menu.  Luckily it was 🙂

It was kulfi with bites of sweet – the sweet tasted more like coconut-jaggery though I am not sure what it was.


Anjeer Halwa – was a bit disappointing.  Both desserts were too sweet esp Anjeer Halwa.


In the whole showcase, there were a few flips – not in terms of food though!  Vegetarians had to wait until the non-veg eaters finished the starters & moved on to main course.  Wish people were a bit smart enough in attending.  Found that service has to go up a bit more…felt the people attending were a bit confused even with just 15 of us.

Secondly, when the non-veg smoky kebab starters were served, fire (or should I say smoke) alarm buzzed at least 3 times.  This is yet another let down confusing people if the alarm goes off due to smoke from the kebabs or is there a real fire!!!  They should do something about this.

Over all, was a nice experience in terms of food.  A meal for two would easily cost around Rs. 2,500/-  — Yess…being in KNK, it is certainly a very coshtly place! 🙂


Food:  8/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: Should improve
Pocket Friendly : On the higher end.
Suitable for :  Family Lunch / Dinner
Reservation Required?No Info !
Will I go there again? :  

Additional Details:
FB Profile:
Address: No: 15, Khader Nawaz Khan Road
Chennai- 600034
Phone    044-431 68 111


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