Amdavaadi – Gujarati Snack house

2 Mar

The Gujarati snack house, Amdavaadi, in T Nagar is just two months old.  Having read about it in CFG and seeing an ad in The Hindu, we were tempted to hit the place & try out.

Writing this post along with SR & RR – and yes, we 3 decided to raid the place today 😉

Photography Courtsey:  Upcoming Photographer:  Radhika Raghu


So here goes a post on it.  The Snack House (not sure why they don’t use the term Restaurant…but snack house does seem to fit as well) is located behind away from the main road giving it a slightly away from maddening noisy road feel 🙂

Well lit and no fancy chairs / sofas et al.  Decor is kept simple and neat.  Seated ourselves and eagerly scanned the menu.

Ordered ourselves Rajwadi Chas and Lime & Ginger Cooler.  Both drinks were nice and Rajwadi Chas – was a good choice — it had slightly stronger dose of Asafoetida with Curry leaves, coriander et al.  If you are not a big fan of Asafoetida smell/taste, you might want to skip this or taste it before getting yourself a full glass 🙂

rajwadi chas1

Starter Palette

Fafda with Kadi Chutney & Raw Papaya Salad 


Fafda is a Besan based crispy item – good thing to snack on.  Combining this with Kadi chutney & raw papaya salad, gave a good taste.  And yes, I quite liked it!

One of those most favourite items of mine – Jalebiiiiiiiiiiiii


Jalebi was mild warm (not too hot types) and yummmmmmmmm! 🙂  They have added a dash of Saffron to this and one could taste the saffron.  It was crisp & yum!  [Still drooling…and craving to eat another plate ;)]

Manager of the snack house helped us choose as well and he suggested to go with Samosa — oh yea!  He did mention that it is a regular item that you get but try ours and won’t be disappointed!  So there goes our next starter – Samosa!


Smaller in size yet yummy in taste!  Samosa was hot and tasted good.  Internal stuffing seemingly had kasuri methi & a pinch of mint leaves.  True though a regular item, this was definitely good.

While munching on the starters & sipping our drinks, we ordered ourselves “Methi Thepla with Oondiya” — this again was good.

We didn’t find too spicy stuffs…gave us a feel of Home made food – with right amount of spices.  By the end, we were full but not heavy!

Snack items about 3-4 could easily fill you up…so watch out your appetite before ordering main course 🙂

Overall, we liked the place.  Service was also fast.  Food was good.


Food:  Good
Ambience: Neat.
Service: Good
Pocket Friendly : Yes.
Suitable for :  Family Lunch / Dinner
Reservation Required? : No Info !
Will I go there again? :  Yes

Additional Details:
FB Profile: They are not yet in FB – we were told!
Address:  North Boag Road
Landmark: Between Pazhamuthir Nilayam & Godrej


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