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A to Z Challenge

28 Mar

Here I am back to blogging.  This time I am challenging myself to get back to regular blogging stream with A to Z Challenge.

A to Z challenge is all about blogging one post a day on each of the alphabets for the next 26 days!  There are categories defined under which one can post.  Here is more on the challenge, if that might interest you.

I wanted to blog under Miscellaneous category nevertheless chose to do something related to Food.

Why on Food ?  — Thought this is one topic where any reader can easily relate to 🙂

What’s going to be different?  – I will not be writing restaurant reviews as in the past and neither  am I going to be posting about cooking or recipes.  I shall post about  some of the food  & food experiences when I travel abroad (esp. being a vegetarian). 🙂

Watch this space, starting April 1st, for more ! 🙂




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