I for Indian Restaurants in Germany

10 Apr

I am shifting this post from food item to write about Indian Restaurants in Germany.  Been travelling to different cities in Germany and I thought it would be fine to share a short post on Indian Restaurants in this part of the world.

In almost every German city, you will find atleast one Indian restaurant (if not more).  It is natural that when we Indians travel abroad for months, that our taste buds are longing for Indian food – those spices, salt et al.

Though personally I don’t look for one always, I have been to quite a few of them with colleagues & friends.  Yes, they serve Indian food on the menu but they are way toooooo customised for German taste.  No…they are not sweet but neither are they too spicy as you might want it 🙂  But you can always ask for making it extra spicy!  Making it extra spicy could even be just adding few pieces of green chilli (yea it did happen to me once!)

Normally, Indian restaurants are costly in this part of the world…of course you can always check the menu & prices before entering – as every German restaurant will have to display the menu with prices outside the restaurant for the guests to look at before entering, legally! 🙂

I shall write separate post on specific restaurants in Cities that I have visited.


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