K for Kaki Fruit

12 Apr

A wonderful fruit that I got introduced to in Germany.  This is not native to German but just that I came across this at first only in D-land.

Kaki (a) Persimmons are from Asia, more from Japan.  Fruit tastes more like ‘Nungu’ that we get in Tamilnadu during summer.  There are different varieties of Kaki available but I haven’t bothered to explore the variety that I devour.  Moment I find this in the shop, I just choose to pick it up 🙂

Selection of this Kaki fruit is more like selecting Tomato – more ripe ones are sweet and yet to ripe ones (hard ones) might yield a bitter taste.  So if you happen to choose the hard Kaki, leave it on for a day or two and you get to relish the sweeter Kaki later 🙂

Kaki (a) Persimmon


One can scoop it out like one does in kiwi, if you are not keen on eating the skin; else just eat it as an apple or guava.  You can find this fruit in most German super markets / turkish shops that sells veggies & fruits!

Love this fruit totally.

Note:  Image Source: http://www.mijntuin.org/plants/1738-scharon-fruit#



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