N for Noodle Soup (Nudelsuppe)

16 Apr

Noodle Soup (Nudelsuppe as known in German) is a soup made with Noodles and ingredients like meat, vegetables etc.  Certainly not a German cuisine and is part of the Asian cuisine.

Noodle soup is a meal by itself and Asian restaurants in Germany tend to use Rice Noodles or Egg noodles for making this.  A vegetarian version is not easy to find out in quick take away places or food kiosks but one can try the luck to get it customized in Restaurants.

One can also make this at home…so just get creative with ingredients & try at home 🙂

Noodle Soup


Image Source: From internet : http://www.noosou.de/produkte/nudelsuppen/nudelsuppen1.html


One Response to “N for Noodle Soup (Nudelsuppe)”

  1. Deepa April 16, 2014 at 10:30 am #

    One of my fav but not the knorr ones. As you say, it’s a meal by itself 😀

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