AtoZ Challenge – Take Away

30 Apr

There you go….I managed to successfully complete the ‘A to Z Challenge’ for blogging.  Hurrraaaayyyyyy!

Few words on what I learnt:

  1. Took up this challenge just to see how regular I can be and how I can get back to blogging.  And yes, it worked!
  2. I found myself preparing the posts well in advance whenever I found time for the upcoming days & each day I only had to just ‘Publish’.  In a way I got into ‘Planning my posts’ mode 🙂
  3. As one of the points in the challenge said – follow KISS principle – as there are many blogs to read & comment on.  That definitely helped and I consciously didn’t write too much and this way I ended up less time with my post preparation.
  4. Happy to see some stoppers by in the blog & comment.  Did make it a point to reply to the comments 🙂

And yes, following the same principle, I am confident of being regular to blogging & keep my blog alive.  Just that I have nearly 6 blogs to keep alive 😉 😛

One thing I didn’t do well – is to visit many other blogs.  I did but at a very low key…so this would be one area of improvement for self.

A special thanks to ‘A to Z Challenge’ team for this challenge and thanks to all those bloggers who stopped by & provided your inputs!




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