10 Sep

Trdelnik is a pastry from the Czech Republic that I read about before my trip to Prague and also ensured that I ate one to find out what it is all about!


It is an interesting mix of dough, cinnamon & sugar which are baked over an open flame.

After few bites, found it a bit too sweet (but may be it is just me!).

In the tourist city of Prague, this comes with filling options such as Chocolate cream (Nutella) & ice creams.


I bought an ice cream filled one to devour on a sunny afternoon. Ice cream filling is nothing but cone ice just inserted into the cylindrical Trdelnik 😉

Try to once if you are in that region, after all no-sugars & diets take a back seat when on travel isn’t it?! 😉

Interestingly, I found the recipe for Trdelnik – oven baked version here:  If you try it, don’t forget to share it with me 🙂

Oh! I still haven’t found the right way to pronounce this word!!!


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