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Amdavaadi – Gujarati Snack house

2 Mar

The Gujarati snack house, Amdavaadi, in T Nagar is just two months old.  Having read about it in CFG and seeing an ad in The Hindu, we were tempted to hit the place & try out.

Writing this post along with SR & RR – and yes, we 3 decided to raid the place today 😉

Photography Courtsey:  Upcoming Photographer:  Radhika Raghu


So here goes a post on it.  The Snack House (not sure why they don’t use the term Restaurant…but snack house does seem to fit as well) is located behind away from the main road giving it a slightly away from maddening noisy road feel 🙂

Well lit and no fancy chairs / sofas et al.  Decor is kept simple and neat.  Seated ourselves and eagerly scanned the menu.

Ordered ourselves Rajwadi Chas and Lime & Ginger Cooler.  Both drinks were nice and Rajwadi Chas – was a good choice — it had slightly stronger dose of Asafoetida with Curry leaves, coriander et al.  If you are not a big fan of Asafoetida smell/taste, you might want to skip this or taste it before getting yourself a full glass 🙂

rajwadi chas1

Starter Palette

Fafda with Kadi Chutney & Raw Papaya Salad 


Fafda is a Besan based crispy item – good thing to snack on.  Combining this with Kadi chutney & raw papaya salad, gave a good taste.  And yes, I quite liked it!

One of those most favourite items of mine – Jalebiiiiiiiiiiiii


Jalebi was mild warm (not too hot types) and yummmmmmmmm! 🙂  They have added a dash of Saffron to this and one could taste the saffron.  It was crisp & yum!  [Still drooling…and craving to eat another plate ;)]

Manager of the snack house helped us choose as well and he suggested to go with Samosa — oh yea!  He did mention that it is a regular item that you get but try ours and won’t be disappointed!  So there goes our next starter – Samosa!


Smaller in size yet yummy in taste!  Samosa was hot and tasted good.  Internal stuffing seemingly had kasuri methi & a pinch of mint leaves.  True though a regular item, this was definitely good.

While munching on the starters & sipping our drinks, we ordered ourselves “Methi Thepla with Oondiya” — this again was good.

We didn’t find too spicy stuffs…gave us a feel of Home made food – with right amount of spices.  By the end, we were full but not heavy!

Snack items about 3-4 could easily fill you up…so watch out your appetite before ordering main course 🙂

Overall, we liked the place.  Service was also fast.  Food was good.


Food:  Good
Ambience: Neat.
Service: Good
Pocket Friendly : Yes.
Suitable for :  Family Lunch / Dinner
Reservation Required? : No Info !
Will I go there again? :  Yes

Additional Details:
FB Profile: They are not yet in FB – we were told!
Address:  North Boag Road
Landmark: Between Pazhamuthir Nilayam & Godrej


Madras Coffee House

15 Dec

It isn’t often you come across anything “Madras” anymore.  


Name “Madras” attracted me first! It would have been apt had it been named “Madras Kaapi House” (True to typical Madras)…still no hard feelings there 🙂

Located in one corner of Bazullah road, in T Nagar – this sure grabbed the attention of passers by.  Passing through it day in & day out, never managed to stop by until one of those weekend work at office with no regular coffee supply, pulled me to get the taste of coffee at this place!  

Being a coffee lover and an ardent coffee drinker (not just Kaapi) thought to myself – this place better be good to impress me! 

I was for sure impressed with the Coffee here that these days after lunch, my taste buds starts to crave for it! 🙂  

Coffee can be had in typical Madras Fantasy – Dabara Tumbler or in Paper Cups.  And this is no “Instant” or “Machine” Coffee being served.  It is pure Filter coffee!

Note:  Paper cups aren’t too thick like CCD or Barista ones and with Coffee being too hot, watch out when you hold it!  


As an add-on you can buy Small samosas or cookies.

Each coffee costs Rs. 15/- (as of today) and Rs. 10/- for 3 cookies.  Samosa costs Rs. 5/- each.  Samosa though shaped like Irani Samosa in a slightly bigger size, yet doesn’t match in quality 😦

Place also serves tea and other items like Sandwiches – do check out their menu, if you want to grab a bite but no seating place!

With no other quick eatery or coffee place in the near by, this place attracts many from air-conditioned corporate workers to representatives on bikes to passers by!

After tasting coffee in places like GSS, HSB, which is more costly, this place does win over.

Check out their website too :

Haji Ali Juice Centre

17 Sep

The famous Haji Ali Juice Centre is also now in GN Chetty Road – jus opposite to Maverick Gym, near Bharathiraja hospital.
Interiors downstairs as soon as you enter isn’t so inviting; very less space…but a flight of stairs lead you to upstairs with a decent seating arrangement.

Tried Mozarella cheese veg sandwich — nothing great to say about this; possibly some of us have a better way to make the same sandwich at home! 

Then tried Dry fruit cream — dry fruits & milk cream —- though the name sounds interesting, for me it was a major let down. Yes enough of dry fruits to give work to your mouth but the quantity of cream was quite low and nothing impressive about it!

There are different varieties of cream but minimum is Rs. 120/-

On my second visit, tried a Schezwan Roll (called a Roll but doesn’t appear as a roll) & custard apple cream


Food:  5/10
Ambience : 5/10
Service : 5/10
Pocket Friendly : Not Really – Fruit creams are highly priced!
Suitable for :  Quick & Casual Bites
Reservation Required? : No
Will I go there again? : Yes, when I run out of better options.

Additional Details:
FB Profile:
Shop No. 124,
Sterling Point,
Habibullah Road, 
T.Nagar ,
Phone: 28342704
Landmark: Near Maverick Gym or Bharathiraja Hospital on GN Chetty Road.


5 Sep

Zodiac is a Lounge bar in Accord Metropolitan, T Nagar.

Place is quite good….where you can even have some soft meetings over drinks. Starter Peanuts – which is not roasted is not so interesting.

Happy Hours ends by 19h00 and if you are in before that time obviously you get a drink on the house!

Surprisingly this place also has magazines / news papers to read…if you are waiting for someone or even bored with someone…;-)

Will write more on specific drinks, next time when I try!

Ambience : 7/10
Service : 8/10
Pocket Friendly : As per Accord Standards :)!
Suitable for : Friends gathering, Wednesday breaks from office, casual meetings etc.
Reservation Required? : No.
Will I go there again? : Yes!

Additional Details:
FB Profile:


5 Sep

Lounge bar @ The Residency, in GN Chetty Road, T Nagar.  Having a mexican decor and style…this is a small place comparatively and they have an area just in front of the TV exclusively reserved for Couples!

Any food you order here will have to come from one of their restaurants and takes awfully long time.

They have live music performed by a Singer…and certainly it was too noisy for the small place!

Not an interesting place to visit!  Possibly, the young bloods will enjoy!

Food: 6/10
Ambience : 5/10
Service : 5/10
Pocket Friendly : Hmmm….yea ok!
Suitable for : Friends gathering, couples dining et al.
Reservation Required? : No.
Will I go there again? : No!

Additional Details:
FB Profile:

Mansukh’s Sweets & Snacks

5 Sep

Located at Ramaswamy Road, T Nagar serves fantastic Rajasthani and Gujrathi food. Quite economical.

Enter from Thanikachalam street, preferably by 2 wheeler or walk 🙂 parking only on the narrow street!

Food: 6/10
Ambience : 7/10
Service : 7/10
Pocket Friendly : Economical
Suitable for : Take Away, Party orders, Dine in, Short / Casual meets et al.
In house seating?: Yes.
Will I go there again? : Yes.

Additional Details:
FB Profile:
No. 10, Ramaswamy street,
T Nagar
Chennai 600 017
Phone: 044-2435 1258, 044-2434 1867


5 Sep

A cafe shop in T Nagar boasts of line up of Pastries, Sandwiches (both veg and non-veg), shakes and hot cuppa coffees & teas.

Some of the items seems to have exaggerated prices.   An ok place to hang out with friends gang. Situated opposite to Residency Hotel,  just off GN Chetty Road.

Main negative is parking – though a few bikes can be parked just outside, car parking can be done only under the GN Chetty Road bridge 😦

Food: 6/10
Ambience : 7/10
Service : 7/10
Pocket Friendly : High end for a Pastry/Cafe style!
Suitable for : Take Away, Party orders, Dine in,  Short / Casual meets et al.
In house seating?:  Yes.
Will I go there again? : Not really.

Additional Details:
FB Profile:
No. 2, Dr. Nair Road
T Nagar, Chennai 600 017
Phone: 044-4550 2334, 98844 22500
Landmark:  Opp. Residency Hotel, Near Vani Mahal.

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