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Dario’s Restaurant

3 Feb

Time to blog yet another CFG Showcase @ Dario’s Restaurant, Chennai.  In this blog am using pictures clicked by Fotographer Raghu

An Italian restaurant that serves only Vegetarian & Eggless dishes is the USP of this place.  I was impressed with the first thing that I saw the “Outdoor Seating” that this restaurant had.  Now, Chennai & Outdoor eating don’t go well…but this was an “Enclosed outdoor seating”.   It is more of Sicilian Cuisine than just saying Italian!  What’s the difference?  Find out …for I don’t know 😉

It was spacious and had a special roofing to keep cool during Chennai Summers.  This area also housed open kitchen for Pizzas.

After initial greetings & introductions, we seated ourselves and found a printout that had the menu that we were going to be tasting.  This was a sweet surprise, I should say…because usually, we note down the names and the names of the items we relish in comes to us later to put up on the blog.  Ok that was a carefully planned step. 🙂

We had – Starters, Salads, Pizzas, Pastas & Desserts on the menu to be served.   I shall write the names of the items here and for the contents in each of the items, do refer to the menu on their website here


Starters:  Funghi Darios, Polpette Di Spinaci E Formaggio, Antipasto Siciliano, Assorted Bruschetta

I found Funghi Darios exhibiting strong garlic taste.

Spinaci E Formaggio – was good – esp. the Spinach cheese dip!  These are spinach & fresh cheese balls served with the dip.


In Sicilian platter, do check out Olives with chillies.  Olives were fresh & spicy 🙂  We were served “Gorgonzola Cheese” — a variety that I certainly dislike — but this one was damn good!  Wish the platter had only that cheese 😉 Not sure if they serve the same cheese every time…may be they variate it.

Assorted Bruschetta : Among these, my favourite was the one with Goat Cheese (the cheese was so damn creamy!) but the rest weren’t as impressive personally for me. I must say the Bruschetta bread was rightly crispy.


Salad: Aranciazola, Verdure Grigalate

Both salads were good.  Try Verdure Grigalate with some cheese crumbs (not part of the dish but ask for it!)  Tasted yummy!



Pizza: Carduni, Stromboli

Of the pizzas, liked Stromboli with right amount of Mozarella, spinach & red chillies.  Yes you can add more chilly flakes if you wish to 🙂

Pizzas were rightly crispy and with right amount of cheese.  Possibly with a little more cheese, they would have drooped down in weight 😉  Each pizza has approximately 180 gms of cheese, we were told.



Risotto & Pasta:  

Risottoragli Asparagi  : One of my favourite dishes of the lot.  A bit bland but tasted great – a perfecto combo of Aspharagus with Cream & Cheese!


Risotto Siciliana – Being a dish with tomato sauce & aubergines, it did taste tangy.  Not my personal preference.

Risotto Al Funghi Porchini, Ravioli Kamarina, Fussili Vitale,  Tortellini Formaggi & Funghi

_MG_0137 _MG_0146 _MG_0150








Crespelle Ai Funghi – Pasta with Cheese filled and dipped in White sauce – a dish that will easily fill you.  So watch out while ordering 🙂

Desserts: Tiramisu, Panacotta, Erupting Chocolate Cake, Lemon Cheese Cake

Tiramisu – just lacked something…may be because it was eggless!


Lemon Cheese cake was nice.


Wish the erupting chocolate cake had that warm effect to go with cold ice cream 🙂



Overall, this was an exciting showcase with all dishes Veg and everyone could try each of them 🙂  A meal for two would cost approximately Rs. 1, 200/- here.   Menu link given above indicates the prices too.

I should mention the Moroccon Mint Tea that we had – was too good and made me feel light & also served as palette cleanser too 🙂 and one of us tried the cranberry tea (see pic below).  I am not a fan of flavoured tea and only exception now was the moroccon mint tea.




Food:  7/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: Nothing to write here as it was a showcase
Pocket Friendly : On the higher end.
Suitable for :  Family Lunch / Dinner
Reservation Required? : No Info !
Will I go there again? : Just the price makes me hesitate but once in a while is ok! 🙂

Additional Details:
FB Profile:
Address: No: 11, Kasturi Rangan Road,
2nd Street, Teynampet,
Chennai- 600018
Phone:     044-4919 3333
Landmark: Near Russian Cultural Centre / Next to Ashwini Hospital


Tuscana – New Menu Launch – CFG Showcase

16 Dec

Tuscana is no new name to Chennaites when it comes to Pizzas.

As part of CFG Showcase, we were invited for “Launch of New Menu” in Tuscana.  There isn’t much that I am going to write about here instead just put up some pics from the Showcase.

Dessert Coffee Pannacota might not be every ones’ choice unless you are a “strong coffee” lover – it has espresso flavour – so beware before you order.

Gluten free again might not be every one’s choice.




Pizza Variants




Gluten Free Pizza


Multi Grain Pizza


Desserts – Coffee Pannacota & Vanilla Pannacota



Italia @ The Park Pod

4 Sep

Italia Restaurant @ the Park Pod is away from the maddening Nungabakkam traffic in Khader Nawaz Khan Road.  It is right opposite to Wills Life Style Showroom but the restaurant is not visible from the front.  Look for “the Park Pod” sign board and drive into the driveway to locate the restaurant.

Ambience is good. Interiors too. You can check how the restaurant looks in this website –

Belonging to the Park Hotel group, it is definitely heavy on your pockets. Food meets the expectation, if not exceeds!
A Penne arabiatta easily costs you Rs. 400 plus. Health Cocktails (read non-alcoholic) costs anywhere between 300-450 Rs

If you are not familiar with too many italian dishes then stay away from trying new things…tried a Gnocchi with smoked cheese and mushrooms and the verdict is – you better have a different tongue for it!!! Not a normal person’s choice.

Menu has veg and non-veg items clearly marked…so safer options to choose from!  Dessert has Gelatos, Sorbetto and of course more.

If you are a vegetarian, possibly Pasta choices would be limited to 3 or 4.    Safe option is to have Penne Arabiatta; alternatively try their Bow-tied pasta with deep-fried spinach & zucchini.   The highlight of this dish is the deep fried spinach (we liked it…hope you do!)

We requested for a plate of deep-friend spinach alone and they were ready to get us…but we just opted out as we were already filled by then 🙂
Portions of main course is just right. So watch out if you decide to order starters and filling your stomach up before the main course!

Health Cocktails – check out “Naughty Dance” – a mix of blue curacuao syrup, coconut syrup, galangal and coriander leaves.

Bottom line – visit this place if someone else with heavy pocket is inviting you 😉   Place is most suited for the rich & famous!

Food: 7/10
Ambience : 8/10
Service : 7/10
Pocket Friendly : Wayyyyyyyyy toooooooo costly
Suitable for :  Casual dining, Couples dining, Family Dining et al.
Reservation Required? :  Preferred given the standard of the restaurant to keep up with decorum! 😉
Will I go there again?  :  Never Again (price is way too expensive)!

Additional Details:
FB Profile:
23/13 Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600 006
T: +91 44 4295 5555
Landmark: Exactly Opp. to Wills Life Style
Note: Restaurant is tucked in from the main road – there is a small drive way to the restaurant.

Tuscana Pizzeria

27 Aug

Located away from the main traffic prone area in Nungambakkam, Tuscana Pizzeria presents an italian touch to the Chennaites.

Small & creatively done place. Ambience is good! Food portion is just right for you to indulge in different courses. Pizzas are thin crust ones and good. Try Lasgna Verdi. Don’t miss Tiramisu – just sweet enough with a good coffee taste.

Food is slightly on the expensive side….yet good to indulge once in a while! Have marked a few items to try it the next time.

If you are vegetarian, ask for their Vegetarian Menu. Of course, you won’t find Tiramisu on the Veg. Menu so just ask for it. Friendly staffs will explain why Tiramisu is not on the Veg. Menu 🙂
Book your seats in advance and the restaurant also encourages seat reservations.

Will update as and when I visit them and write more precise on the different items when I try them 🙂

Food: 8/10
Ambience : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Pocket Friendly : Costly
Suitable for :  All kinds of dining – be it Party, corporate outing, casual dining, family dining, couples / sweet hearts dining et al.
Reservation Required? : Preferred & Restaurant encourages it too!
Will I go there again?  :  Certainly Yes!

Additional Details:
FB Profile:
No.19, 3rd Street, Wallace Gardens,
Chennai – 600 034.
Tamil Nadu , India
Telephone : +91 – 44 – 4503 8008

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