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Peaches Restaurant, Velachery – CFG Showcase

28 Dec

Back to my food blog with yet another CFG Showcase.  This time we were slotted for Showcase at the fairly new restaurant in Velachery, called “Peaches”.  Let me warn that this blog post will not have pictures…[Damn me!  Forgot my camera and that too for Showcase…clear signs of aging…huh..?!]

First attraction to vegetarians like me is that this is an “All-Veg” or should I say “Only Veg” restaurant. 🙂  That said, with initial greetings & settling down, we had Chef Koushik starting the introduction about the cuisine type and introduced us to two welcome drinks :

Melon Cooler :  Milk based drink with a fusion of nuts & ginger with melon balls immersed.  Supposedly a summer drink.  [Watch out for the ginger taste…not too hot don’t worry :)]

Deep Blue Sea:  A Citrus fruit based drink having the look like a blue curacua with sugar coatings on the rim of the glass.  Idea is if one likes to have it with sugar can drink so or avoid those edges of the rim if not.  Chef claimed that this drink is quite popular with the kids.

Of the two drinks, I personally liked the Melon Cooler.

Time for soup and we tasted Tomato soup – ok what’s the big deal about this? Well, it was tomato soup with Basil but we found Basil taste too strong on the soup.  Had some good bread pieces to chew in.  The thickness that you normally find in Tomato soup was missing….or should I say the richness…no it wasn’t watery either…but i felt it like thick rasam with Basil.  Personally, feel this could have been a lot better.

Next started our “Paneer Parade” — Lol – yes next 3 dishes are Paneer based starters.

Malai Paneer Tikka:  Nice texture of Paneer, bland in taste and had mild poppy seeds coating. [You will understand why i mention bland when you read further]

Achari Paneer Tikka:  Paneer marinated in Sathrangi Pickle (mixed vegetables pickle) with mustard oil & Kashmiri chilli powder.  Tricky part of this dish is — one needs to have a tongue for this.  Wondering why for Achari Paneer?  Well, it is the mustard oil — if you are not used to the mustard taste (oil or sauce types) you won’t like it.  Taste of pickle is evident.  Though I liked the mustard taste, the pickle tangy taste kind of killed me.  Yes some parts felt the spice level too.

Angora Paneer Tikka:  Thick & dehydrated paneer slices with raisins stuffed inside & cooked.  Sweet in nature yet felt tasty.

In all 3 Paneer starters, generously sized paneer were used.  Liked that aspect 🙂

Moving out of our parade yet staying in the starter zone, next dish was Vegetable Malai Tikka – different vegetables coated with malai & made as tikka.  Carrot appeared sweet (but that’s usual) and best was Broccoli – simply loved the malai coating & tikka make.  Malai coating is made with Cashews & white cream.

To break the taste monotony of malai / paneer based dishes, we were served “Chennai Kuchi Varuval” — before you get excited about the name it is nothing but our own French fries coated with spices / chillies.  Spice level was a bit high if you bit upon those small coatings of red chillies 😉

Well…before I thought end of Paneer – came the next dish – Paneer Phuket 🙂  This is named so as they tried to mimic a vegetarian version of Phuket Fish using Paneer.  [Now don’t ask me about Phuket Fish…have no clue!]  This was hard on the outer with soft Paneer inside.  Coated with some finely cut mix of onions, chillies etc, this dish did not suit my taste buds.  Coating doesn’t get soaked into the Paneer unless kept for sometime but by that time the outer layer gains hardness 😦

Now moving away from the Indian line up of starters (oh yea, we are still in starters) – next dish was “Cheesy mushroom tortellini” – a dish with oriental filling but continental sauce.  Nope I didn’t try it…so try it if name sounds interesting 🙂

Well…when they say “World on your plate” — surely there must be something “American” isn’t it ?!  Yea, it was “Crispy American Corn” – nothing much to say here again as it is one of those usual dish you find.

Did you notice all this while, there wasn’t much on the drink front except water.  Yea, was time for another drink and we had a great surprise with “Bovonto with Vanilla Ice cream”.  Instant hit with some of us.  Loved this totally.  Nothing about Peaches customisation here.  One can do it at home yourself.  Watch out – if you are not a fan of Bovonto you might not like it 😉

Filling ourselves with all these starters, sure we did have some space left to take on the main course.

Main course had varieties of Parathas / Kulchas introduced – Til Kulcha, Garlic Paratha, Methi Paratha et al.  Side dishes were Subz kohlapuri – mixed vegetables gravy and spicy one.

Dabhewale Dhal – Naming comes after the Dahl that is made on those Dabhas.  This was truly a hit cooked with rich ghee 🙂

Dhal was so tasty that we urged the chef to bring rice as the best combo to go with and hence were introduced to “Shahi Kashmiri Jeera Pulao” — It was Jeera Pulav but with taste of saffron & smell of rosewater.  Yes, cooked with those, the smell of rosewater can appear a bit too strong for some.  Rice with Dhal was a nice combo & quite liked it.

Then came Kofta Biryani which was a let down personally for me.  Biryani had cardamom taste dominating and the kofta was like cutlet in a small ball shape & salty.  This dish had two types of Raitha – Sev Raitha & Pineapple Raitha to go with.  Pineapple Raitha taking the sweet taste didn’t go well with this Biryani 😦

Then it was turn for World wide – main course which I never touched – had space left in my stomach only for the desserts.

Two Desserts were showcased – one was Carrot halwa stuffed samosa type fry with creamy sauce and another dessert was called Oppan Gangnam — don’t ask me what it was.  Didn’t bother to try.

Personally would have preferred the carrot halwa with creamy sauce without the fry.  But then it’s just my taste preference.

With that long list of items and lengthy showcase session, it was time to wind up & just head to bed.  This I felt, was one long session and so much to eat.

Located in Velachery By pass road, it is a small restaurant with good ambience.  Overall find it as a place where you can try it once and subsequent visits is up to your preferences.


Food:  7/10
Ambience : 7/10
Service : Nothing to write here as it was a showcase
Pocket Friendly : On the slightly higher end.
Suitable for :  Family Lunch / Dinner
Reservation Required? : Not Mandatory
Will I go there again? : Not unless someone takes me there. Distance stops me.

Additional Details:
FB Profile:


Kipling Cafe

4 Sep

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if one has to say “Kipling Cafe” caters to predominantly the Elites!

Tucked far away from the city, near Injambakkam beach. Ambience is good with garden dining & roof top dining. A nice place to relax by on a weekend with family & friends.

Multicuisine restaurants targetted towards expatriate community.

If you are a cheese connoisseur, then you can check out their Cheese Platter which is a starter and costs Rs. 650/- only!! 🙂

Thai Red Curry with rice- Veggie version was good costed Rs. 410/-. Please ask for the size of the portion of rice & curry and check if it would suffice your stomach 🙂

Pizza was ok…nothing too great about it! Desserts choices aren’t that inviting on the menu!
Overall an expensive place – for normal people.

Food: 6/10
Ambience : 9/10
Service : 7/10
Pocket Friendly : No for normal people, yes for elites!
Suitable for : Group dining, family dining, business dining, parties, couples/sweet heart dining et al.
Reservation Required? : Not really!  But catering to elite crowd, you might want to keep up the decorum.
Will I go there again? : No (because of the price)!

Additional Details:
FB Page:
No.16, L.Jey Avenue, Akkarai
Chennai, India 600 047
Phone: 4424530050

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