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Madras Coffee House

15 Dec

It isn’t often you come across anything “Madras” anymore. ¬†


Name “Madras” attracted me first! It would have been apt had it been named “Madras Kaapi House” (True to typical Madras)…still no hard feelings there ūüôā

Located in one corner of Bazullah road, in T Nagar Рthis sure grabbed the attention of passers by.  Passing through it day in & day out, never managed to stop by until one of those weekend work at office with no regular coffee supply, pulled me to get the taste of coffee at this place!  

Being a coffee lover and an ardent coffee drinker (not just Kaapi) thought to myself Рthis place better be good to impress me! 

I was for sure impressed with the Coffee here that these days after lunch, my taste buds starts to crave for it! ūüôā ¬†

Coffee can be had in typical Madras Fantasy – Dabara Tumbler or in Paper Cups. ¬†And this is no “Instant” or “Machine” Coffee being served. ¬†It is pure Filter coffee!

Note: ¬†Paper cups aren’t too thick like CCD or Barista ones and with Coffee being too hot, watch out when you hold it! ¬†


As an add-on you can buy Small samosas or cookies.

Each coffee costs Rs. 15/- (as of today) and Rs. 10/- for 3 cookies. ¬†Samosa costs Rs. 5/- each. ¬†Samosa though shaped like Irani Samosa in a slightly bigger size, yet doesn’t match in quality ūüė¶

Place also serves tea and other items like Sandwiches – do check out their menu, if you want to grab a bite but no seating place!

With no other quick eatery or coffee place in the near by, this place attracts many from air-conditioned corporate workers to representatives on bikes to passers by!

After tasting coffee in places like GSS, HSB, which is more costly, this place does win over.

Check out their website too :


Coffee – It is!

28 Aug

My first post should have been on Coffee – one of my all time favourite drink ūüôā ¬†Variants of coffee do exist and my order of preference goes like this — Filter Kaapi (typical south indian Tambrahm coffee), ¬†Black Coffee, Cappucino, Latte et al.

Never understood all those syrups & flavours in coffee which big chains like Star Bucks and others prepare — A coffee has to be coffee (& bitter) isn’t it?! ¬†Where is the need for flavours here and that too sweet ones?! ¬†Huh…!

I was introduced to black coffee in my second home – Deutschland and loved to drink it after every meal (just like the Germans!)

And Italians being known for coffee – it is natural that one of my favourite brands of Coffee is an Italian one – “Segafredo Zanetti”

A sip of Segafredo Coffee with a bite of Segafredo Napolitain Chocolates (Dark bitter ones)— is yet another bliss!¬†

Another brand of black coffee that I prefer and which is also available in my area would be Lavazza – Creama e Gusto

Eilles – Assam Tea

27 Aug

      This post is about another favourite drink of mine РAssam tea.  While on travel or staying abroad, always choose the option of Black tea or black coffee.  One such trip introduced me to this particular variety of Assam Tea Рfrom the house of Eilles.

Found this brand of Assam tea in Frankfurt Airport at Goethe Bar. This is truly a heaven sent drink and very refreshing when tired from a travel.  It was the first time I also came to know about Pyramid Shaped tea-bag.   

What Makes Pyramid Bags so Special? [Source:
Pyramid bags are made from nylon strands that are woven into a small net-like mesh, creating holes in the bag much larger than conventional paper bags. These larger holes allow for water to come in contact with more of the tea’s surface area, thus releasing more essential oils and character into the cup.

The unique triangular structure of these bags allows for the tea to move around freely inside. When the tea comes into contact with hot water the leaves naturally move in circles as they heat and cool. This freedom of motion makes a pyramid bag functionally the same as a larger cup or loose leaf infuser, making the high-quality flavor of loose leaf tea conveniently available in a pouch that anyone can brew.

Every time I get a chance to drink black tea, my choice would be Assam Tea. But of the different varieties that I have drunk, this brand tops my list and second to top would be from TeeKanne. If in India, choice would be Assam Tea from Nilgiris.

PS:  Picture Source :

Haji Ali Juice Centre

17 Sep

The famous Haji Ali Juice Centre is also now in GN Chetty Road – jus opposite to Maverick Gym, near Bharathiraja hospital.
Interiors downstairs as soon as you enter isn’t so inviting; very less space…but a flight of stairs lead you to upstairs with a decent seating arrangement.

Tried Mozarella cheese veg sandwich — nothing great to say about this; possibly some of us have a better way to make the same sandwich at home!¬†

Then tried Dry fruit cream — dry fruits & milk cream —- though the name sounds interesting, for me it was a major let down. Yes enough of dry fruits to give work to your mouth but the quantity of cream was quite low and nothing impressive about it!

There are different varieties of cream but minimum is Rs. 120/-

On my second visit, tried a Schezwan Roll (called a Roll but doesn’t appear as a roll) & custard apple cream


Food:  5/10
Ambience : 5/10
Service : 5/10
Pocket Friendly : Not Really – Fruit creams are highly priced!
Suitable for :  Quick & Casual Bites
Reservation Required? : No
Will I go there again? : Yes, when I run out of better options.

Additional Details:
FB Profile:
Shop No. 124,
Sterling Point,
Habibullah Road, 
T.Nagar ,
Phone: 28342704
Landmark: Near Maverick Gym or Bharathiraja Hospital on GN Chetty Road.

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