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10 Sep

Trdelnik is a pastry from the Czech Republic that I read about before my trip to Prague and also ensured that I ate one to find out what it is all about!


It is an interesting mix of dough, cinnamon & sugar which are baked over an open flame.

After few bites, found it a bit too sweet (but may be it is just me!).

In the tourist city of Prague, this comes with filling options such as Chocolate cream (Nutella) & ice creams.


I bought an ice cream filled one to devour on a sunny afternoon. Ice cream filling is nothing but cone ice just inserted into the cylindrical Trdelnik 😉

Try to once if you are in that region, after all no-sugars & diets take a back seat when on travel isn’t it?! 😉

Interestingly, I found the recipe for Trdelnik – oven baked version here:  If you try it, don’t forget to share it with me 🙂

Oh! I still haven’t found the right way to pronounce this word!!!


X for …?

28 Apr

Well, I couldn’t find a food item starting with ‘X’ to post & hence nothing to post for today!

H for Heiße Maroni (Hot Chestnuts)

9 Apr

Heiße Maroni or Hot Chestnuts is a snack I got introduced to recently in the Baden-Württemberg region of Germany and is available during Winter times.  Tasted good; costs a bit like 8 pieces 1 euro types 😦

Buy a small pack from the Maroni stand on the roadside and walk your way through Christmas Shopping 🙂

Heisse Maroni

Chestnuts are good for nerves and yes just another reason to relish 🙂

Note:  Image source is from the internet:,13331,8030.html


Ashvita Restaurant – CFG Showcase – December 6, 2102

8 Dec

Ashvita Restaurant in R K Salai, has launched a new menu and CFG Bloggers were called for introduction & review.


Ashvita is no new name in the city and some of items from their old menu like Chat Platter, Momos etc. are to be remembered 🙂

We, bloggers from CFG, were excited to check out what’s on their new menu 🙂   Reached there around 19h05 or so while scheduled was at 19h30.  I always admired the way leading to the Ashvita lawn area seating.  In the evening with those lights switched on, the ambience always impresses me.  Probably on a very hot summer day in Chennai, one wouldn’t opt to sit out however impressive it is …and that’s a different story 🙂

Greeted by Munira (who takes care of marketing for Ashvita) & joined by our fellow CFG member Fazil, we waited for sometime before others could join us.  Just skipping few reels, let’s now head to the start where Ashvita’s owner, Mr. Ashwin, greeted us and started us into the showcase.

Started in 2003, Ashvita always placed itself in Fine Dining category with Unlimited Starters, Buffet & Ala carte Menu.

The new menu that is launched now is a result of 6 months of effort, trying out new recipes etc. with primary focus as Asian & Kebab Kitchen.  Note:  Their menu doesn’t have anything continental.


“Lounge” – a new brand of drinks is to be introduced through Ashvita and was also our first introduction to the menu.  Lounge comes in 3 flavours – Mojito, Margherita, Tonic Water.  Tried Mojito – with Fizz, the mint flavor was a tad bit too strong.  [Heads up! – this drink can be bought & taken home to be mixed with your alcohol…;)]

Their new menu boasts of

“Full Package” – like Punjabi breakfast which will be served all day long,

“Big Boss” – it is a compilation food that blends Tandoor with sandwich / burgers – kind of cross! 😉 [What goes behind the name “Big Boss” – is something I missed to ask!]

14 different starters – both Veg & Non Veg.

5 different Soups – Veg & Non Veg.

Main Course – a Buffet of Asian & Indian.

Additionally, they will have ‘pictorial menu’ – giving pictures of food being served.  I didn’t check out their menu – so this is more an info!

Introduction to Soups:


 Tomato Soup:  Ok what can be different in a tomato soup anyways?!  This soup had pasta & egg pieces with an    asian flavor (I certainly didn’t find this flavor in my taste bud).  Soup is a bit spicy & a good starter if you have sore throat or common cold !

Mushroom & Garlic Soup:  Soup has coconut milk as base with mushroom pieces to bite into, giving a crunchy feel.


Cream & Peas Soup: Green in color & bland in taste.  For those who can go gaga over bland soups without a tinge of pepper, this is for you 🙂  it does have pieces of peas to bite into.

Pumpkin Coriander Soup:  More a clear soup with coriander leaves & pumpkin pieces.  Obviously due to pumpkin, the soup tastes a bit sweet! Yes you do get to taste the flavor but kind of felt this could have been better.pepper, this is for you 🙂 It does have pieces of peas to bite into.

Out of 5, 1 soup that is not mentioned here is Non-Vegetarian one.

Introduction to Starters:

Crispy Spinach & Sprouts:  Crispy spinach has become one of my favorite starters despite the oil in it!  One might feel the sweetness but not something that you will dislike in a starter.

pappadMasala Pappad – Flipped (or should I say Coned?):  Nothing new here except that pappad is cone shaped.

Crispy Onion Rings: A difference possibly is the addition of flavoured salt otherwise it is our regular onion ring.  Watch out!  Deep fried & oily – which can make you feel full if binging on it as you wait for more 🙂

PunjabiBrkfastPunjabi Breakfast:  Comes with an Egg!  Of course, Vegetarians (non-egg eaters) can ignore the eggs as they are kept separately.  Starter made of roti with sweet taste (not too sweet…but a tinge of it).  There was & still could be a debate if this is really a Punjabi dish – one of our Punjabi bloggers claimed it as more Maharashtrian as the Roti was more of Puran Poli.  Of course, up to you to check it & decide for self.

Rice Corn Tikki:  Yet another deep fried starter with Butter drips out J  Good for taste with its sweetness.  Unless you are keen on avoiding oil stuff, just go ahead & binge J  Has a coating of chilly sauce too.

Fried Momos:  Not sure if you find a place where Momos are fried.  But here you do!  Coated with sweet & sour sauce, this was ok for the taste.  Couldn’t find anything great as the sauce taste was overtaking the momo taste [Do momos have taste of its own?! ;)]FriedMomos

Different types of momos are to be introduced in Ashvita such as Fried, Pan-tossed etc. They do have 8 different fillings with 6 vegetarian & 2 non-vegetarian fillings.  Check out the variants before you order yours.

Cajun Spicy Potato: Small potatoes deep fried with skin layered on top with mayonnaise & onions.  As any potato dish, this too will make you keep eating & wanting for more. J  This could fill you easily before even you can move on to main course.  To me, it appeared as perfect junk that you can munch.  I am not a fan of Mayonaisse but yea…it still was ok in this dish.


Mushroom Paneer Jholiawala:  It is a Kebab of mushroom & paneer with a tinge of sweetness.

Mushroom Gotiya: This was one interesting dish in terms of taste palette 🙂  It had a coating of cashew & saunf flavor.  The Saunf gave a different taste to the dish.  Let me warn you that one must have a tongue for it.  So be watchful, if you are ordering this 🙂  Of course, doesn’t hurt to try once!

Kashmiri_2Kashmiri – Big Boss:  Absolutely true to its name – was a big boss in the sense of making it as a meal by itself.  This had base of roti (thick one) layered with vegetables, cheese, potatoes etc.   True to the name of “Kashmiri” the top layer had dry fruits – raisins, cashews and carried the sweetness for the dish 🙂

Personally, I liked it though tasted sweet and should say it was a riot of flavours.


Paneer – Mushroom – Big Boss Another roti based dish layered with vegetables, mushroom, paneer & cheese.  I could feel the mustard sauce taste but didn’t check if it was really part of the dish or was it just me imagining 😉 the dish J  Personally, I liked it though tasted sweet and should say it was a riot of flavours.

With that our starter section came to a close.  It was time to move on to Main Course – a buffet spread of typical Asian / Indian.  Nothing much or new here and had the following vegetarian items in the Buffet :  Coloured Plain Safforn rice, Vegetable Jalfrezi, Pan Fried Noodles, Mushroom & Tomato Rice, Dal Makhani.




Managed to taste few spoons of the rice & dal makhani, as it was getting late & I had to rush out.  I missed the Dessert section completely.
In all, the experience was a great one.

The effort behind the new menu is clearly seen through the compilation of ingredients & way it is done.  Menu in a way fits for each different type of taste palette and age groups.

There is something for everyone I should say.ce & dal makhani, as it was getting late & I had to rush out.  I missed the Dessert section completely.

One thing that I totally missed was anything spicy except for the tomato soup.

Thanks to Ashwin, the owner of Ashvita, who took time to explain each dish & also took our feedback then & there.  Thanks to Munira & Ashwin for the Showcase.  Hope to drop in to Ashvita for a leisurely binge soon 🙂

Happy Anniversary – Chennai Food Guide!!

22 Sep

 With just a week to go for Chennai Food Guide (CFG) completing 8 years, it is only apt that my blog speaks about it.

Name says it all – Chennai Food Guide — a group of foodies joined together to start a group in Orkut and then in Facebook to discuss about their love – Food !!  Group has been in existence including people from all over the world.

We discuss food in all aspects namely restaurant reviews, where do you get this & that, recipes et al.  

If you think it is only about blah blah on food – No!!  

It also addresses grievances from customers and helps sort out issues.  It is not a surprise to say that people in prominent positions and (or) owners from Restaurants / Hotels / Eat-outs are part of this group.  They are also listening to us the “Foodies as Customers”.

Get a glimpse of one such discussion in CFG — Foodie or not you will have something to say definitely:)

Group has also introduced regular events such as cooking workshops (on various cuisines), exclusive dining sessions etc.  And the list goes on!   Check out the events section in CFG FB Group to get an idea what all happens.

With 7K plus members the group is now nearing completion of 8 years and it is only apt that CFG Family celebrates.  That’s what the poster is all about.

Here is what “The Hindu”  has to say about CFG — 

Now if that was exciting enough, do join us in the celebration – you can get the details of the event here :  and you can book your online tickets here —

Get ready to win loads of prizes!

Show your support to CFG & its celebration with a PicBadge — pick it up from here —

If you are not yet part of CFG, do join us in Facebook here –

You don’t have to be a foodie to join this group yet am sure you will find this group useful.

See you on September 29th, 2012.

Blog Extends – New Content Inclusion

3 Sep

I had been pondering over this thought – why should my blog include only reviews on Restaurants / Eat-Outs?  If I am a foodie, why not include anything & everything that I do / come across about food.   Been debating this thought within myself and thought yes, it does make sense to share all that I like in the food aspect.

So from now on, my blog will go on to include other aspects of food and not just restaurant reviews!

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