U for überbacken (Ueberbacken)

24 Apr

Let me say that I didn’t manage to find a food starting with U that I could write about.  So instead I go here to write a bit on the term – überbacken – that is used in German world to mean Bake over or bake with. 

ü (u umlaut as it is called — could also be written as ü = ue)

This would mean that food is baked with some topping like Cheese or some special sauce etc.

For example: überbackener Blumenkohl — would mean Baked Cauliflower.  Here is a link to a recipe to show überbackene Spaghetti — http://www.quick-german-recipes.com/easy-baked-spaghetti-recipe.html (in English!) 🙂


T for Tabbouleh

23 Apr

Tabbouleh is my recent favourite addition to the list of Salads.  Made with simple ingredients of Bulgur Wheat, Tomatoes, Parsley, onion, lemon, olive oil etc. this tastes good & is also fibre rich due to use of Bulgur.    This salad comes from the Arab world.

One can make variants or add more to the traditional recipe depending on what is available at home.    You can also replace Bulgur with Couscous / Quinoa etc.


Try it at home…easy to make.  Vegetarian delight 🙂

Image Source: Internet!

S for Spargel

22 Apr

Spargel (a) Aspharagus is one of my spring favourites, when in Germany.  One can get both Green & White aspharagus during spring here.

Spargel with Hollandaise Sauce is a bliss!   And this time I even attempted cooking Spargel at home…I think I overcooked it…somehow didn’t make it the way I get at restaurants.  Never mind! 🙂


Spargel with Hollandaise Sauce


During spring, if you are in Germany…don’t miss this dish!

Image Source: From Internet: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asparagus

R for Revani

21 Apr

Revani is a Semolina based dessert that I chanced upon in a Turkish Restaurant recently.   Loved it and even for someone with sweet tooth like me it was a bit too sweet….soft texture, lot of sugar (syrup) but was worth it! 🙂



You can google for the recipe and am sure you can try at home.

Image Source : From Internet : http://www.hafiftarif.com/revani-tarifi/

Q for Quarkbällchen

19 Apr

Quarkbällchen is a round shaped sweet made of Quark, Sugar, Egg etc.  It is yet another item for those with sweet tooth and is part of German Food.   Looks like big sized Gulab Jamuns w/o being dipped in syrup instead dusted with sugar.

Quark is a type of cheese made from Cow’s Pasturized milk.  Quark means ‘Cheese curd’.  You can try this sweet at home and found a link to the recipe (in English here) – http://www.germanfoodguide.com/recipes.cfm?recipe_number=200

And here is how Quark is made – http://www.germanfoodguide.com/chdetail.cfm?cheese_number=2

If you don’t eat anything made with egg, stay away from this sweet 🙂


Inside of Quarkbällchen


Image Source: From Internet:



P for Pretzel

18 Apr

Pretzel (or Brezel) is another type of bread that’s baked in a particular shape and is very commonly found every where in Germany.   It is a quick snack that can be picked up in any food kiosk, bakery, super market et al.  Sometimes, they are also baked with Cheese on top.

One can also get salted small pretzel crisps to snack in super markets.  To add a bit more taste, one can eat Pretzel with Sweet Mustard preparation.

Snack that you can munch till you reach home & prepare your food 🙂



Image Source: From Internet:



O for Ofenkartoffel

17 Apr

Ofenkartoffel translates to Oven Potato and is also known as ‘Baked / Jacket Potato’ in other parts of the world.  Potato being one of the main food in German cuisine, this food item also holds a predominant place.

Yea, ideally it is potato baked with the skin the oven (also in Microwave) and not boiled like we do in typical Indian Cuisine.

This can be had as a full meal or even as a snack with interesting fillings.   I relish these Ofenkartoffel and is definitely a Vegetarian’s delight.  For tongue that is used to spice, this will be a bit bland.

The fillings for these potatoes allows room for creativity – one can top it with simple butter or cream or add some shredded carrots & more.

Ofenkartoffel without filling



Usually the variety of potatoes used for this Baked Potato recipe is large & hard ones.  Of course, one can try & test with the variety available in the local market.

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