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W for Wasabi Peas

26 Apr

Wasabi Peas has nothing German with it!  Coming from Japan, I chanced upon this in Germany in a super market.   Wasabi Peas box was inviting me to try it as a snack option – like peanuts.

Green, roasted, coated, salted, some spice added (I certainly have no clue of what spice!) was good enough to convince me to check out.  Outcome was that was the first & last time I picked it up.  It had some taste (don’t know what!) that made me feel …..uuuuugggghhhh!!!  May be it was the pungency of Wasabi itself that didn’t go well for me!

Wasabi Peas

Wasabi Peas


H for Heiße Maroni (Hot Chestnuts)

9 Apr

Heiße Maroni or Hot Chestnuts is a snack I got introduced to recently in the Baden-Württemberg region of Germany and is available during Winter times.  Tasted good; costs a bit like 8 pieces 1 euro types 😦

Buy a small pack from the Maroni stand on the roadside and walk your way through Christmas Shopping 🙂

Heisse Maroni

Chestnuts are good for nerves and yes just another reason to relish 🙂

Note:  Image source is from the internet: http://www.55plus-magazin.net/php/winterzeit_ist_maronizeit,13331,8030.html


G for Gebrannte Mandeln

8 Apr

Gebrannte Mandeln translates to Burnt Almonds 😉  It is basically sugar-coated almonds with Vanilla & Cinnamon and is found during Christmas time.

This is an addictive snack I would say and tastes damn good — I mean why wouldn’t it has almonds, vanilla & sugar ?! 🙂  One can find this in all small shops in the Christmas market or during any festival in the city.    Watch out, a small cone of 100g would give you less quantity & would cost a bit 😉

Yet another snack I got introduced to in Germany and has ever since been on my favourite list.

Gebrannte Mandeln


Note:  Image source is from internet : http://www.bonnerweihnachtsmarkt.de/index.php?id=517

E for Erdnüsse

5 Apr

Erdnüsse is German for Peanuts!  Yes, available everywhere in the world and nothing special to German or Turkish or any other cuisine.

This is one of the easisest snack that will find its way to my kitchen week after week.   There are varied brands & variants available such as roasted & salted, unsalted, baked, flavoured etc.  My specific favourite will be roasted & salted and mostly from the brand house – ültje

One of the best items that keeps me company, any day any time 🙂



Erdnüsse – Roasted & Salted



Be it to accompany with coffee or to much in between cooking or while watching TV or to go with drinks and more…there isn’t a better snack than this & beware that this is addictive! 🙂

PS:  Image is from : http://www.ueltje.de/produkte/erdnuesse

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