10 Sep

Trdelnik is a pastry from the Czech Republic that I read about before my trip to Prague and also ensured that I ate one to find out what it is all about!


It is an interesting mix of dough, cinnamon & sugar which are baked over an open flame.

After few bites, found it a bit too sweet (but may be it is just me!).

In the tourist city of Prague, this comes with filling options such as Chocolate cream (Nutella) & ice creams.


I bought an ice cream filled one to devour on a sunny afternoon. Ice cream filling is nothing but cone ice just inserted into the cylindrical Trdelnik 😉

Try to once if you are in that region, after all no-sugars & diets take a back seat when on travel isn’t it?! 😉

Interestingly, I found the recipe for Trdelnik – oven baked version here:  If you try it, don’t forget to share it with me 🙂

Oh! I still haven’t found the right way to pronounce this word!!!


AtoZ Challenge – Take Away

30 Apr

There you go….I managed to successfully complete the ‘A to Z Challenge’ for blogging.  Hurrraaaayyyyyy!

Few words on what I learnt:

  1. Took up this challenge just to see how regular I can be and how I can get back to blogging.  And yes, it worked!
  2. I found myself preparing the posts well in advance whenever I found time for the upcoming days & each day I only had to just ‘Publish’.  In a way I got into ‘Planning my posts’ mode 🙂
  3. As one of the points in the challenge said – follow KISS principle – as there are many blogs to read & comment on.  That definitely helped and I consciously didn’t write too much and this way I ended up less time with my post preparation.
  4. Happy to see some stoppers by in the blog & comment.  Did make it a point to reply to the comments 🙂

And yes, following the same principle, I am confident of being regular to blogging & keep my blog alive.  Just that I have nearly 6 blogs to keep alive 😉 😛

One thing I didn’t do well – is to visit many other blogs.  I did but at a very low key…so this would be one area of improvement for self.

A special thanks to ‘A to Z Challenge’ team for this challenge and thanks to all those bloggers who stopped by & provided your inputs!



Z for Zucketstange

30 Apr

Zuckerstange is a Sugar Candy.  Pure sugar & some flavours added! Available in many shapes & sizes.  Kids delight!



 Image Source:

Y for Yakult

29 Apr

Yakult is a probiotic drink that tastes like our sweet lassi mildly flavoured & thick.  It comes from the Japanese market and is easily available in Supermarkets in Germany.   Also has different flavours in it.  Flip side is the cost & the size of the bottle 😦  Comes in a pack of 6 small bottles that can be over in no time 😉 😛


You can also get this in India but will be costly one to try !

 Image Source : Internet :


X for …?

28 Apr

Well, I couldn’t find a food item starting with ‘X’ to post & hence nothing to post for today!

W for Wasabi Peas

26 Apr

Wasabi Peas has nothing German with it!  Coming from Japan, I chanced upon this in Germany in a super market.   Wasabi Peas box was inviting me to try it as a snack option – like peanuts.

Green, roasted, coated, salted, some spice added (I certainly have no clue of what spice!) was good enough to convince me to check out.  Outcome was that was the first & last time I picked it up.  It had some taste (don’t know what!) that made me feel …..uuuuugggghhhh!!!  May be it was the pungency of Wasabi itself that didn’t go well for me!

Wasabi Peas

Wasabi Peas

V for Vegetarisch

25 Apr

Alright! this is another letter for which I found no food items to write about 😦

So here is a quick line on the Vegetarian food in Germany.  Anything vegetarian is asked for as ‘Vegetarisch’ (pronounced with ‘ish’ in the end).

One can ask for in any shops / restaurants if there is anything Vegetarisch or if you still want to be more specific — you can say ‘No meat, No flesh’.

If you don’t want eggs, then specify that as well.  For many, vegetarian includes egg!


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